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Rules & Laws

  1. Section 2 of the current ITTF Laws of Table Tennis , as modified to suit local circumstances, govern match play.
  2. The 5 players assigned to a table play each other in a round robin (3/5 games) and record the match result (in games) on the score sheet e.g. 3-0, 3-2, 3-1.    
  3. A late or absent player forfeits all matches and those present win each match 3-0.
  4. If a player does not play, or is unable to complete a match, the match is forfeited 0-3.
  5. Unfinished matches at close of play are decided by a single coin toss for each of the remaining games.    
  6. Drop-in player scores do not affect final rankings.              
  7. The number of matches a player wins determines their final rank, which determines their assignments the following week. First- and second-ranked players will move up a level; fourth and fifth-ranked players will move down a level; third-ranked players will stay on the same level.
  8. Late or absent members will automatically go down a level the following week.
  9. If more than two players are tied at the end of play (based on games won vs games lost) their final ranks will be determined by calculating the number of games won minus games lost between the tied players only.
  10. In the tie breaking process, the first pass tries to establish the relative positions of the tied players.  If a second pass is necessary because of a tie between 2 players after the first pass, the higher position goes to the winner of the match between those 2 players. If all players remain tied after the second pass, the players' initial ranks at the start of play are retained.




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