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Event Rules

  • All events are capped. Registration will close by the deadline or when the event is full.
  • ITTF Regulations will govern match play.
  • Racquets must be able to satisfy the requirements of Section 2.04 of the ITTF Regulations  and the playing surface(s) must be covered with rubber listed on the LARC Apr 1, 2017A 
  • Only sport shirts, shorts or skirts colored differently than the ball & non-marking gym shoes will be allowed. Track suit pants may be worn with the Referee’s permission.
  • Participants may not enter more than one event with the same start time.
  • Novice entrants must have a TTCAN Rating of ≤200, or no rating.
  • The Referee may assign unrated players a temporary rating for this tournament.
  • The Tournament Committee may modify or cancel events at their discretion.  Entry fees for cancelled events will be refunded.
  • No refunds or prize money will be provided  for defaulted or incomplete matches.
  • Entry fees must be fully paid before matches are played.
  • Default time in all events is 5 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Age Eligibility Criteria

Veterns 40 Born in 1977 or before
Veterans 50 Born in 1967 or before
Veterans 60 Born in 1957 or before
Veterans 70 Born in 1947 or before
Under Age 15
Born in 2003 or later
Under Age 18 Born in 2000 or later
Junior Novice Born in 2000 or later; rating ≤200

Event Formats

  • All matches will be best of 5, except the Semi-Finals and Finals in the Open Singles Championship (A) Division, which will be best of 7.
  • For events starting with a round robin, two players will advance to the knockout round, except for Open Singles (see Schedule). 
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